Saturday, December 11, 2010

Electronic bike

Meet – FlyRad, scary, dangerous way to travel on a road or a gadget that will allow the soul to have fun, driving on and not putting any effort in this. The invention is a one-wheeled scooter, are easily converted into a sort of bike using your feet in as a front (or rear) wheels. In the motion scooter there is an electric motor located above the wheel – there is a battery. You just stand on the skates, get on the seat and drive down the road at a speed of 40 km/h.

FlyRad comes in three sizes – for children, adolescents and adults. The largest version weighs 24 kg and is equipped with a 500-watt motor, fed from voltage 36 volts. One charge of battery life is approximately 50 kilometers. In the future, it will increase to 1000-watt electric motor.

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