Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jacket with many pockets like bag

Scott West produces clothing that protects all your gadgets and now the company is ready with ten new jackets. All the jackets contain numerous pockets for electronic gadgets, most of the new models are even.

Scott West promises that all models come with a range of waterproof pockets. For example, the new SEV Carry-On Coat as seen below 33 pockets for travelers who must have it all with the jacket. Sev Carry-On Coat has room for some clothes in a number of big pockets, but also space for an iPad or Macbook Air.

Scott West’s many jackets have all touch pockets which are small transparent pockets that make it possible to press such an iPhone or iPod touch without removing it from his pocket.
All models are also available with built-in support for dragging wires around the jacket for headphones. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is also a board member of the Scott West.

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